Paliside Fencing

Steel palisade fencing is designed for security and sturdy protection. A fence is made of cold rolled steel rails (or ‘pales’) which are attached to horizontal-running rails, connected to vertical steel joists. This construction creates an inaccessible solid barrier, perfect for fulfilling security purposes in large industrial areas and public spaces alike. Steel palisade fencing can be built to a range of standard heights up to 3.0 metres, but can also be designed to meet specific requirements. You can discuss your required fencing height with your supplier, who will be happy to recommend the most suitable height for your security or safety needs. Palisade Fencing is innovative trendy and offers maximum protection without obscuring the view of your property. We specialise in the manufacture of palisade fencing products, this includes loose pales, horizontal carriers, brackets, panels, posts and gates. We offer a range of custom made gates and panels to suit your security needs at competitive prices without compromising quality.  Peer tutoring students learn from one another and teach one another